Learning to drive

Car reviews

Choosing your first car can be difficult. It’s a little bit like walking into your favourite supermarket and building the perfect meal deal! Everyone has different tastes, but it’s important to work out what are the key things that are most important to you. Are you looking for the best infotainment system, so that you can connect your spotify account or are you more focused on making sure you’ve got enough boot space for those summer road trips? You might even just like the colour yellow!

Here at FirstCar we run an annual awards, which recognises the best in class cars for new and young drivers. These are typically smaller cars, which are cheaper to insure, so you’re unlikely to see the latest Range Rover Evoque or Tesla.

Our reviews focus on a range of useful points, which we hope will give you some insight into what features these cars have. Most have different levels, which come pre-loaded with things like DAB & Apple Carplay and some have the option to add them to the basic models.

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