Buying a Used car


FirstCar has partnered with Evans Halshaw’s Carstore to bring you some fantastic offers on used cars

Why buy a used car?

Well we all like shiny new things, but let’s face it the cost of buying a new car isn’t always realistic. The piece of mind you get with a new or newly car typically comes with the knowledge that no one else has driven that car like a maniac and left a ticking mechanical time bomb that you’ll be left with. However Carstore offers a comprehensive 6 month warranty to cover you.

The model of car ownership has also changed a huge amount over the last decade, with the introduction of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP) & increased popularity of leasing a car.

A used car typically means you’ll get more for your money and the be safe in the knowledge that the car is yours and your hard earned cash is actually buying something that might still have a value when you finish your payments. A PCP deal means you’ll have a significant balloon payment to make at the end of your finance deal and that can sometimes be more than the value of the car at that time. Car lease is simple and you just hand the keys back, but of course will have to cover the cost of any repairs.

Have you made your mind up yet?

It all depends on personal circumstances, but most newly qualified drivers will buy a used car as their first car.

If it’s something your considering, check out these great offers from car store - click find out more to visit the car store website and book a free test drive!

Ford KA - £3,690 (from £70 per month)

  • Model - 1.2 Edge 3dr [start stop]

  • Engine - 1242cc

  • Year/Reg - 2012 (12)

  • Mileage - 41,253

  • Petrol

  • Manual

  • White

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Vauxhall Corsa - £3,960 (from £75 per month)

  • Model - 1.0 ecoFLEX 3dr

  • Engine - 998cc

  • Year/reg - 2013 (63)

  • Mileage - 41,253

  • Petrol

  • Manual

  • Red

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